Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Okami is Okam-ing back.... ... I'm sorry for that pun...

So, this is pretty awesome for anybody who missed out on this.

OKAMI is an action/adventure title in the vein of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. It was released originally on the PS2 and the Wii, so if for some reason you never played this game, here is your chance to correct it... assuming you have a PS3. It's got support for Playstation Move, but find me a person who owns AND still uses his Move Wand and I will be impressed.


  1. Definitely don't have a move, but I will be picking this up if it comes stateside. I know they've for sure announced a release in Japan. Already played it on ps2 and wii, but worth playing a third time ha.

    1. Replying to my own post. Derp. When I read about this a several hours ago it hasn't been officially announced for USA. Seems it has now. Derp Derp Derp.

    2. Lol. After it was leaked online, Capcom quickly brought out the reveal. The best part is that it was rumored to cost around $50, but it ended up being only $20. That is a great price for such a deep and engrossing title.