Monday, October 15, 2012

Why the Wii U isn't worth buying at launch.

I really want to be excited for the Wii U, but it has some problems they just are not wanting to face. Yes, more traditional controls are nice, but no one can really agree on which should be the main way to play. The two biggest games on the Wii U so far (New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3) have very little use of the new controller. Hell, Nintendo even tells you to use the Wii Remote over the new gamepad. And if you look at the big games released on the Wii, most of them involved the Wii's motion controls as little as possible (minus the Zelda games, but they make these controllers FOR the Zelda team).

The Wii controller was LITERALLY designed for this game... which took 5 years to be released.
Not to mention the fact that Nintendo can't figure out how to appeal to two audiences. They want Hardcore gamers and Casual gamers, but they keep trying to sell them the same things. NintendoLand is a complete mess in tone! The gameplay is too confusing for casuals, and no where near as accessible as Wii Sports was. The themes are based on franchises that only the hardcore players really care about. Likewise, the games are too simple and shallow for any hardcore player to give them more then 5 minutes of their game time.

Try convincing me that THIS is gonna go over better with CASUAL gamers than Wii Bowling.
And don't forget the fact that Nintendo just CANNOT learn their lesson about releasing better games in the launch window. This is why the 3DS sales plummeted, and you think they would have remembered that, considering how much it cost them. And yet, there are only two "big" Nintendo games being released, and Pikmin 3 was delayed from launch. New Super Mario Bros. U is the farthest thing from new, has no real "important" use of the Wii U Gamepad, and does nothing to show off the "high-def" graphics they are trying desperately to please us with. Not to mention they don't even give us any info on future games, or at least something to reassure people that it will get better. If they had put out some fake trailers for Smash Bros. and Zelda (both of which are known to be in development), they would have gotten better reactions than that terrible 30 minute NintendoLand preview at E3, and would have gotten the hardcore fanbase pumped for the future.

Does this look fun to you? It does?! Too bad, you get to play a crappy F-Zero minigame.
The Wii U is going to have great games. It's Nintendo; No matter what crazy controller they think up, or twist they try to add in, the actual developers are gonna keep making the same games we love to play. But until those games ACTUALLY come out, I can't see any reason to buy this. It will end up like the 3DS did for the first year... sitting around on shelves waiting for the ACTUAL interesting games to be released.

Still waiting on this game... sigh....