Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kirby has a happier anniversary than Mario, Link, and Samus combined!

In the flurry of Nintendo news that happened tonight (alot more than I have even posted about), some information slipped in about a Kirby Anniversary game coming to the Wii. The best part is that unlike the Mario Anniversary game, they put more than 20 minutes effort into this.

Rather than just copy a compilation games (Like Super Mario All Stars), Nintendo is putting 6 different Kirby games from different systems on here, including Kirby 64. It also comes with alot of extra features, like episodes of the awesome cartoon series, plus the usual soundtrack and behind the scenes info.

It is surprising how much more effort they put into this compared to it's Big Three. Mario got a $10 game sold for $30, Zelda got a concert, but no game, and they just plain forgot about the Metroid anniversary.

Then again, I guess I can't blame them for downplaying Samus from the media after... ...

Dark times indeed....

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