Thursday, June 21, 2012

Namco is creating the next Smash Bros. game, and a bigger 3DS is on the way!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, if anyone didn't know already, that the new Smash Bros. game will be on BOTH the Wii U and the 3DS. I'll be happy to have some Smash Bros. on the go and at home!
Well, I can't say I expected this.

Tonight, Nintendo held a conference where they announced a few big things, the first of which is that Namco Bandai is working with the Nintendo to create the next Smash Bros. game. This sounds like it could go either way, but I am happy about it. This means (hopefully) that these two fantastic things might happen:

  1. The game will be finished sometime in our life cycle. Brawl took a ridiculous amount of time to finish, and even then it had problems with balance and too many clone characters. Hopefully Namco joining up means they will be working overtime to get this game out sooner.
  2. Namco could bring along some of it's own characters to the fun. I will be truly shocked if Pac-Man isn't featured in the game.
Also, Nintendo unveiled a new version of the 3DS called the 3DS XL!

That looks roughly the size of a George Foreman grill.

The screens are each roughly 90% bigger than the normal version. This will be a welcome addition to me, even if that will never fit in my jeans.

I do however worry that this is further proof that Nintendo is dropping the ball. Both of these would have been huge announcements for E3, so why did we hear about them weeks later? Plus, why doesn't this new 3DS have a second control pad? This would have been the best time to fix that issue! Not to mention, because of the size of it, the Control Pad Pro attachment won't fit on it now! This seems like a no brainer!

I still can't figure out why Nintendo would wait to unveil all this information at E3, but that is their loss! Either way, I'm still gonna play the hell outta some Smash Bros. when it comes out.

Sonic all the way, baby!!

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